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Bruce x Nina corner

Experimental - Bruce x Nina stamp by Ninchiru
Here you can see all pictures where Bruce and Nina (Best couple eveeer XD) are shown together. Except for the Experimental comic pages.

Art from me:
Gift - Surprising little gift by Ninchiru After a troublesome day - Bruce vs Mer'Laros by Ninchiru Do not try that yourself! He bites! by Ninchiru
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A furry Life - Prove it Bruce! by Ninchiru Woah, hey! Watch it what you're showing to others! by Ninchiru
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Bruce x Nina songpic by Ninchiru I'll kill the one who did this to me! by Ninchiru
I kill you by Ninchiru Nina loves her pretty one by Ninchiru
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Art from others:
Picknick by Ardyo A furry Life -Costume Party. by JB-Pawstep
Pool Fun by JB-Pawstep Bruce x Nina by FireballStardraco
CE : Nina, what happend? by CubDex s t i l l . m i n e . by LeeRai



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I collect points to help friends and other persons who really need them, because I rarely use them for myself. XD

Each donation is welcomed, even when it's just 1 point. X3

Thank you to all the donators. :heart:

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This journal will be updated each time I have something to say about Experimental.

This time I just wanted to say, that I think I'll work on new pages during the coming weekend, cause I'm a bit stressed up cause of the little time I have left since my daughter is in Kindergarten.

I have to drive around half of the day. I leave at 7 AM, to bring her to Kindergarten. I reach there at 7.45 AM. The bus that brings me back home comes at 9.27 AM. I have to wait more then 1,5 f***ing hours before I can get home. I'm home at 10 AM and have to leave at 11 AM again. I'm reaching the city at 11.30 AM and have to wait until 12.45 PM before I can get my daughter out of the kindergarten. The bus home comes at 1.31 PM, so we are finally home at 2 PM. All just because they have less buses in use than before April. There still each hour was a bus driving, now the times are so shit placed that I have to wait damn long for everything. That steals me a lot of time over the day. For usual I would come back and would have time three hours before leaving again instead of one single hour which I have to use to make a walk with my dog, so maybe have left half an hour to relax before I have to leave again... 
That's NOT what I was awaiting to get my daughter into kindergarten. That should make it easier for the parents and now I'm even more stressed up than before! And my legs and my back are hurting cause of the permanent super slow motion walk and the uncomfortable seats at the bus station because I have too much time and nothing to do before the damn bus comes to get me home.
If I had a work for those hours between bringing and fetching again it would be okay, but like that... gah!
I'm a tiny bit angry now... If the woman of the youth office don't find a better way for that situation SHE brought me in, I'll just let it be and keep my daughter at home again. That's much less stress and doesn't hurt that much. 


Look this video. You will understand this world much better.… (English)… (German)

Tales Of Symphonia Personality Similarity Quiz!
Tales Of Symphonia Personality Similarity Quiz!
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Well, after three days I finally ate something. May sound weird, but I was somehow afraid of eating the last few days, so I just didn't eat 

10 deviants said Okay? O.O
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Leider alle nicht so geeignet ^^;
Tsuki-Taiyo 53 minutes ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awh schade :nuu:
JB-Pawstep 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Nice Morning by JB-Pawstep:shithappens: and :poo: revamp 
Wiktoria00 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
a cute Smith for you :>
Awww, thanks X3
Tsuki-Taiyo Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wenn ich zb von deinem sonnenplez acc ein bild trace soll ich dann © Sonnenpelz oder Ninchiru hinschrieben? XD ^^; sry wenn ich nerv bin mri abe rnich sicher XD
Tsuki-Taiyo Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oki XD
Tsuki-Taiyo Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ninaaa? :la: Kannsu evtl wenn du Zeit hast ein paar Anthor Sketches machen (Von verschiedenen spezien zb wolf, katze usw) die man als referenz zum zeichnen benutzen kann? oder gleich bases? :dummy: :iconlazycryplz: Weil ich einfahc keine gute anthro base find und diese dinger nich zeichnen kann :iconcryforeverplz:
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